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Deep Space Nine

Season Finale Summery

    As the episode opens, everyone's busy. Odo and Kira are busy having their first arguement as a couple, showing they're taking over after the imminent death of Jadzia. Worf and Jadzia are unaware as this, however, as they're busy deciding to have a baby. Of course, Bashir will have to make the nessacary adjustments on Jadzia to make this possible, and he's busy being depressed. So is Quark. They were both in love with Jadzia, and it seems Worf beat them to her. The talk with Vick (remember Vick?From "His Way") who manages to cheer them up and treats us to a song.
    On to the main plot. Sisko's gotten an award, and he's busy planning the BIG INVASION. They will go to an unguarded planet and capture it. The Klingons are recruited, and so are the Romulans. It's a bit hard for them to get along, but eventually they're ready to go. The the Prophets appear and inform Sisko that he better not do this. He's not sure what to do, and eventually decides to go along with it.      A couple a last arrangements. Odo and Kira kiss and make up and we learn Kira's going along (after Odo spends the night with her). Dax will run the station in their absence. This also means Bashir, who's also staying behind, can work on her, but he's not sure this is going to work. Kira assures Dax they've prayed to the Prophets for this to work. We learn that Nog's going along, and so is Garak (Garak!?). At first it seems Jake won't go, but he finally manages. He's the reporter.
    However, the Dominion is not sitting still. They have the whole system guarded by unmanned weapon platforms. And Dukat's back. He plans to make the biggest move of all, and he starts by implanting himself with a Pah-Wraith. He assures them this'll do BIG. Damar is skeptical, but let's him go. Weyoun is even more skeptical; he doesn't like these gods, which is rather strange because he considers the Founders gods (but he insists that's different).
    So with that old Armageddon feeling in the air, they're nearing the systems when the platforms activate, and a lot of ships get destroyed. Then they figure out what's powering these platforms and destroy it, deactivating the platforms. They take the system. They've won-or have they? They then get a call back to DS9. Bajor is in panic. And Jadzia Dax is dying.
    But I forgot to explain that. Bashir began to work, and soon Jadzia's adjusted so she and Worf can sucessfully concieve. She goes to the temple to thank the Prophets. She normally calls them wormhole aliens. But she respects her friend Kira's beliefs. And now she wonders. Maybe for today, she thinks they're the Prophets-
    And then Dukat appears and blasts her. ARRGGHHH! Utterly meaningless! Just like Tasha Yar went! Comeon writers, surely you can do better then that! Next time have someone actually do something! He then picks up the orb and a lot of energy flows and the wormhole shuts down. The Pah-wraith leaves him, and he apologizes to Dax (oh boy, is Sisko going to get you, Dukat!),and then leaves a choatic planet and a dying Trill.
    The Defiant arrives and Sisko is mobbed by anxious Bajorans. The wormhole won't open, the orbs won't respond, every connection to the Prophets is now servered. They make it to the imfirmery. Bashir barely preserved the Dax symbiont, and there was nothing he could do for Jadzia. Worf comes in where Jadzia is breathing her last. Her last words are "Our child...would've lovely...". Worf howls and chants to warn the dead...a very Klingonlike Trill spirit is on the way.
    Meanwhile, Gul Damar and Weyoun are no happier. Nothing was really accomplished. They're cut off from the Dominion without that wormhole. Dukat assures them it's for the better, because Sisko is now just an ordinary captian.
Not suprisingly, Damar and Weyoun and not impressed. So everyone is
upset, except Dukat, who's obviously as evil as the pah-wraith he used.
Very grim conditions here.
    Sisko, meanwhile, feels he's failed. He leaves Kira in charge and heads back to Earth to think things through. She fears he's not coming back, because he did something he didn't do when they exacuated the station a year ago: he took his baseball with him. So now everyone is unhappy, including the Dominion. I have absolutley no idea how they're going to get themselves out of this soup.

**Thank you to Isabella for giving me this synopsis of the Deep Space Nine season finale. You can visit her website at**