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WIVES: T'Rei, Amanda Grayson, Perrin
CHILDREN: Sybok, Spock

Sarek taught and did research at the VUlcan Science Academy for 8 years, then he was dispatched to the embassy on Earth by T'Pau. For ten years, he served as technical attache, the promoted to cultural attache. After 15 more years, he was elevated to the diplomatic corps. He returned to Vulcan in 2212, to find that his wife, T'Rei, had died, and that he was successor to the Vulcan Ambassador, who was retiring. He also met and married Amanda Grayson, a human teacher (various accounts of their meeting and bondings, see Spock's World [by Diane Duane]. Vulcan Academy Murders [by J. Lorrah] and Sarek [by A.C. Crispin] for a few of these.) In 2230, she gave birth to their only child, Spock. Amanda lived a long life after being treated for Degnerative Xenosis (Vulcan Academy Murders) and died in 2293, at the age of 93 (Sarek).

Many years later, he met and married another human woman, Perrin. They had no children, and he died in 2366 from Bendii Symdrome. (TNG episode: Unification)

Sarek was played my Mark Lenard, who died 2 years ago (1996). For a filmography of him, pleas go here.