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The series, The Next Generation was, like the original series, created by Gene Roddenberry. It started in 1987, and ended in 1994. It starred Patick Stewart as Captian Jean-Luc Picard, and Jonathan Frakes as Commander William Riker, the first officer (see here for a complate cast list) It has so far, had 2 movies released, and another will be released in 1999. The first movie, Generations, started off having 3 of the original crew of the Enterprise, and also having Kirk "die". He was actually just sent into the Nexus, a ribbon of energy that is a portal to a place where whatever you want, you get. Picard gets sent there too at the the end, and he convinces Kirk to come back to reality with him to save the galaxy from Dr. Soran, an El Aurian who wants to get back into the Nexus desperatly. Kirk does go back, and they succeded in stopping Soran the second time around. The second movie, First Contact, had the Borg going back in time, trying to assimilate Earth in it's past before Cochrane can send the warp ship up into space and make contact with the Vulcans. The Enterprise E (the Enterprise D was destroyed in Generations) follows them back and saves the day. Picard kills the Borg Queen, and saves the ship from her and the Borg. Data, who had been kidnapped by her, is also saved, but he loses the real skin he had been given. Both movies were pretty good I thought. Use the links below to see other TNG stuff, or use the ones a little farther down to see other parts of the site.