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The original series began in 1966. It was created, like The Next Generation, by Gene Roddenbery. The pilot episode, The Cage, starred Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy. It aired in November of 1966. Of the crew in that first episode, the only one who remained for the rest of the series was Leonard Nimoy, as Mr. Spock. That is, for characters at least. Number One, the first officer in The Cage, was played by Majel Barrett, or Majel Roddenberry when she married Gene Roddenbery, who also played Nurse Christine Chapel later in the series. After the Cage, a new captain was introduced. Captain James Tiberious Kirk, played by William Shatner. (For a full cast list, see Cast)

The series aired for 3 years, then went off the air. But, it wasn't the last anyone saw of the Enterprise crew.In 1979, the first Star Trek movie was released. It was called, simply, Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Personally, I didn't really like (I actually feel asleep about an hour into it...but it was also 2:30 in the morning :P). Three years later, in 1982, a second Star Trek movie was released. The one was very much better then the first. It was called The Wrath of Khan. Khan first appeared in the episode "Space Seed". In the movie, Khan tries to get his revenge on Kirk, but of course, as always, he didn't succeed and he got killed. However, in this movie, our dear Spock is killed, trying to save the ship. But in the next movie, The Search for Spock, released in 1984, Spock is found alive and sort of well on the Genesis planet. But, Klingons show up and kill Kirk's son David. All ends well though, and Spock get's his katra back from Doctor McCoy. The next movie, was very much different. Released in 1986, The Voyage Home took place in the past, the 1980's. The crew, on a Klingon warbird they got in the previous film, went back to get Humpback Whales to communicate with a probe headed to Earth. This film again, I didn't really like. But, that is just my opinion. The next two films were excellent though. The Final Frontier was released in 1089, and in it, we found something out about Spock. We found that he had a half brother, Sybok. But, Sybok gets killed at the end but what he thought was the Vulcan equivilent to God. Of course, it wasn't though. Klingons, once again, are after Kirk in this movie. In the last movie, released in 1991, was called Undiscovered Country. In this one (surprise surprise) Klingons appear again. This time, thay arrest Kirk and McCoy for the murder of the chancellor. They didn't do it, a Vulcan officer, not Spock of course, on the ship had done it with help. They as always escape just fine in this one too. Well, that's my small little movie review. Use the links below to see other Star Trek TOS things. Or use the ones even farther below to go to other parts of the site.